Changes to “Christian Economics in One Lesson”

On February 23, 2021, Dr. Gary North wrote a post on his website in which he released his books into Creative Commons 4.0. (His post about this is, strangely, only available to members of his website.) To honor this license, Axehead Press must provide a description of any changes we’ve made to Dr. North’s work. You can view a copy of the original work as it appeared when this Axehead Press edition was first produced here. The current official version of this book can be read here.

All Axehead Press editions seek to be rigorously faithful to the text produced by Dr. North, and nearly all of the changes to any of his books published by Axehead Press consist of very insignificant publishing house style changes.

Any of the changes below that end up being entered back into the official version available on Dr. North’s website will be removed from this changelog.

Version 1.0

Axehead Press house style changes

  • Removed periods in A.D. and B.C. and ensured they were positioned correctly.
  • Shifted text set in all caps to all small caps.
  • All citation information to any book currently published (or planned forthcoming) from Axehead Press was updated to reflect that edition.

Global changes throughout this title

  • Added a Scripture Index to the book.
  • Any obvious typos were corrected.
  • The first-level subheads were changed to letters and second-level subheads to numbers, corresponding with his usual outline format.
  • Numeral references to centuries and hours (examples: 20th century, or 11th hour) were spelled out.
  • Footnotes were added for quoted material.
  • This book had the traditional “Conclusion” subsection sometimes in the singular and sometimes in the plural. This was standardized to the singular to match Dr. North’s usual pattern.
  • At the end of almost every chapter, Dr. North provided a “Further Reading” URL to a corresponding webpage on containing links of various kinds for further reading and study. These links have been worked into the “Further Reading” section at the end of each chapter.

Specific changes throughout this title

  • The text of Dr. North’s quotations from Bastiat’s The Law was altered to use the Mises Institute’s version, since that is the version Dr. North links to in the “Further Reading” section.
  • In the Preface of Dr. North’s original work, he put a short paragraph mentioning that Mises bought the rights to Hazlitt’s book to release to the public for free, and Dr. North provided a link to download the book. This appears to no longer be the case on the site, so this brief sentence and web URL was removed.
  • In the Preface, the bold text was converted to italics.
  • In the Preface, Section B, “thou shalt not steal” was capitalized.
  • In the Preface, Section C, the reference to Productive Christians was moved slightly since the title of the Axehead Press edition is slightly different.
  • In the Introduction, the list of the Pentateuch was converted to a numbered list to be consistent with the context.
  • In the Introduction and in Chapter 1, “Further Reading,” the title of David Chilton’s book was updated.
  • In the Introduction, Section C, the year was changed from 2015 to 2018 in the reference to The Covenantal Structure of Christian Economics to reflect his revised version’s publication.
  • In the Introduction, the Note at the end of the text was moved to a footnote.
  • In Chapter 1:B, “high bid wins” was capitalized.
  • In Chapter 1, a footnote was added to a quoted Bastiat article.
  • In Chapter 8, the Conclusion, the answer of Christian economics was capitalized.
  • In Chapter 10:C, “no war, no full employment” was capitalized.
  • In Chapter 14, the reference to Joe Romm’s article was reworked. The link to Sam Becker’s article was updated.
  • In the Appendix, the reference to the online version of Hayek’s précis of Road to Serfdom was moved to a footnote.