Changes to “The Five Pillars of Biblical Success”

On February 23, 2021, Dr. Gary North wrote a post on his website in which he released his books into Creative Commons 4.0. (His post about this is, strangely, only available to members of his website.) To honor this license, Axehead Press must provide a description of any changes we've made to Dr. North's work. You can view a copy of the original work as it appeared when this Axehead Press edition was first produced here. The current official version of this book can be read here.

All Axehead Press editions seek to be rigorously faithful to the text produced by Dr. North, and nearly all of the changes to any of his books published by Axehead Press consist of very insignificant publishing house style changes.

Any of the changes below that end up being entered back into the official version available on Dr. North's website will be removed from this changelog.

First Edition, August 2022

Axehead Press house style changes

  • Shifted text set in all caps to all small caps.
  • Shifted the final period in block quotations of Scripture to before the parenthetical chapter and verse reference
  • All citation information to any book currently published (or planned forthcoming) from Axehead Press was updated to reflect that edition.
  • References to free downloads from were reworked to normal citations to the Axehead Press versions.
  • Any URLs were removed if an alternate citation (such as a print copy) was provided. Remaining URLs were checked to verify that the URL was not dead, and the citation information was completed if necessary.
  • Numeric ranges were converted from elided ranges to full numerals; for example, 193–96 became 193–196. Additionally, all instances of p. or pp. preceding page numbers were removed.
  • All Arabic numerals in books of the Bible were converted to Roman numerals (except in quoted material).
  • All parenthetical Bible references were abbreviated.

Global changes throughout this title

  • Added a subtitle to the book.
  • Added a Scripture Index to the book.
  • The Bible Translation Dr. North used, the "Unlocked Literal Bible," was a unique open-source version created by Wycliffe Associates. Some light wording changes have been made to the ULB in the intervening time since Dr. North originally wrote this book; any differences detected were updated to the latest ULB wording. (The biggest change involved replacing "the Lord" with "Yahweh" in many Old Testament passages.) Additionally, if an entire passage quoted by Dr. North was part of longer quoted material, this blockquote was set off with proper quotation marks.
  • Throughout Part I of the book, the chapter titles were updated to indicate the "Pillar" number to match Dr. North's practice in his companion book, The Five Pillars of Biblical Leadership.
  • Throughout Part II of the book, Dr. North followed an outline hierarchy wherein the first level was indicated by either a Roman numeral I or II, and the second level was indicated by an inline word in boldface type. This was updated to match his practice of first-level headers indicated by capital letters, followed by second-level headers with Arabic numerals.
  • Arabic numerals in internal references to Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of this book were changed to Roman numerals for consistency with his previously published books.
  • On occasion, Dr. North referenced a verse only by the verse number, without the corresponding book and chapter number. This isolated numeral led to an interruption as the reader looked back up the page to find out what book and chapter the verse was from. These biblical citations were completed for the reader's sake when it seemed necessary for ease of reading.
  • Any obvious typos were corrected.
  • Text in Roman, boldface type was changed to italics.

Specific changes throughout this title

  • In the Dedication, the www prefix was dropped.
  • In the Introduction, a paragraph was in boldface type for emphasis. This was changed to italics.
  • In the Introduction, Section B, the "Dead End" sign was changed from boldface to italics.