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Marx's Religion of Revolution

Marx's Religion of Revolution

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Marx, Prophet of an Ancient Faith

The mistake of so many today’s philosophers and thinkers is that they think there could be such a thing as secular philosophy. That is, philosophy that is based on rational thought or empirical observations of reality. The truth is, all philosophy—and, in fact, all life—is religious. All philosophy is based on pure faith, on assumptions about reality whose veracity can be proven neither by rational discourse nor by empirical observations. There is no such thing as a truly secular thinker; all thinkers are priests of one faith or another.

In Marx’s Religion of Revolution: Regeneration Through Chaos, Dr. Gary North examines the religious nature and the religious presuppositions behind Marxism: the philosophy that defined the twentieth century by revolutions, wars, political dominance over one-third of the earth’s population, and atrocities of such brutality and cruelty that they eclipsed the empires of times past. Critics of Marxism have pointed to its quasi-religious nature before, but none have been capable of pinpointing the exact religious faith at the very foundation of it as Dr. North did. He shows how Marxism is a modern manifestation of one of the oldest idolatrous heresies in history, one that defined much of the beliefs and actions of the ancient empires. While Marxism today is dead in terms of influence in the world, this book is a must for those who want to be able to detect the rise of other ancient idolatries in the future.

320 pages with Scripture index, paperback.

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