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The Biblical Structure of History

The Biblical Structure of History

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History Matters. Our Understanding of History Matters. How It Is Written Matters—Perhaps Today More Than Ever Before.

In the summer of 2021, after he had completed work on The Five Pillars of Biblical Leadership, Gary North announced that it would be his last book. His wife and friends just smiled. They had heard that declaration all too many times before. So, they were not at all surprised a few days later when he began thinking about yet another project. This, he assured everyone, really would be his last book.

As it turns out, this time it really was.

He had been writing books for five decades. He wanted this final effort to sum up all that he had studied, all that he had thought about, all that he had worked on, and all that he had declared in those earlier books.

He intended that this would be a book on the purpose and meaning of history. He intended to offer his unique insights regarding the Christian way of interpreting and writing history. He wanted to articulate a way to understand the past grounded on a coherent epistemology.

And so, he did.

This is an important book. This very well may be Gary North’s magnum opus.

388 pages with Scripture index, paperback.

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