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The Covenantal Structure of Christian Economics

The Covenantal Structure of Christian Economics

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A Starting Point for all Christian Economic Thought

“Culture is religion externalized,” wrote Henry Van Til in his 1959 book, The Calvinist Concept of Culture. It had never before been stated with such clarity and force that all that man is and does, and all that man’s society is and does, is entirely dependent on the dominant religion of man and his society. This discovery was very powerful in setting the course for a completely new approach to Christian scholarship — for obviously, if religion determines culture, then religion determines all aspects of that culture, including the philosophy and the practical ideologies of that culture. And if Christianity is a unique religion compared to all the others, then truly Christian philosophy and practical ideologies should be very distinct and explicitly different from all other philosophies and practical ideologies.

In The Covenantal Structure of Christian Economics, Gary North tackles the task of laying the foundation for an explicitly Christian economics, based on the foundational principle of Christianity: the biblical covenant. This is not a comprehensive textbook — only a primer — yet Dr. North lays out all the topics that a student of Christian economics is supposed to touch in his studies, offering a structured pattern of how each topic should be approached and studied. This book is a must for all young Christians who are trying to develop a biblical worldview in every area of life.

512 pages with Scripture index, paperback.

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