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The Five Pillars of Biblical Leadership

The Five Pillars of Biblical Leadership

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What could you do for the kingdom of God with more effective influence?

Books on success and leadership abound. But only very rarely do they acknowledge the fact that godly leadership is altogether different from worldly leadership. Only very rarely do they account for the fact that biblical fruitfulness and effectiveness are often altogether contrary to the supposed standards of worldly success.

In this surprisingly practical look at that biblical approach to divine influence, Gary North reminds us of the covenantal pattern that undergirds all of God’s dealings with men and nations: He is sovereign, He has spoken, He defines right and wrong, He enforces justice, and He fulfills His promises. This is the universal pattern of the covenant—and it is this pattern that provides the essential principles for faithful and effectual leadership.

Written as a sequel to his Five Pillars of Biblical Success yet perfectly apt as a stand-alone work, this book is just what readers have come to expect from Dr. North: substantive theological foundations, rich historical building precedents, incisive political, economic, social, and cultural applications, and all well supplied with wit, wisdom and down-to-earth usefulness. This book is a fitting capstone to Dr. North’s legacy.

202 pages with Scripture index, paperback.

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